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klenspop Villea violet lenses


Soooooo, I'm here to write a new review for you guys! As you can see I'm writing in english, because it's easier for me to do so! Hope you don't mind it, and you will still enjoy my reviews! :) 

I wanted to have really cute and not in your face violet/purple lenses, because I needed them for my cosplay. And i have to say that this ones are really and wearable for normal days as well. 

Średnica/Diameter: 14.5mm
Nadruk/Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Uwodnienie/Water Content: 38%
Krzywizna/Base Curve: 8.6mm
Żywotność/Life Span: 6 miesięcy/months

So as always, the packeging is stuning. On every wall of the box there is a differen picture. This is just so cute. I really like the box because it's so girly. But as you can see the box isn't the same as the last one i revied, because this one doesn't contain case for your lenses, so just keep that in mind, and get yourself one. 

The containers that lenses are in are really cute as well, but not as cute as the panda ones >//<
So basic information about your lenses can be found on the back of teh container, even if it's written in korean u shoudn't have a problem figuring it out :)


I belive these lenses have three shades/coulors in them what help them to look more natural.
Personaly i really like lensen that are subtle, and not in your face.
And that's how these lensen are. They're really comfy and nice if u want to wear them for long period of time. I was surprised because i have very sensitive eyes, but they haven't bothered me at all.

(natural light)

I really like how they look, they really make my eyes look bigger, and get along with my grey-ish-blue eyes. I went out wearing them a couple of times now and they are relly nice looking! I can't get over it xd 

So, all i can say now is that the lenses are dope and if you're looking for violet/purple lenses i suggest you go for it ^^

I hope this review was helpful, and you liked it! For my next post I want to do something halloween teamed, maybe like a easy makeup tutorial or something. Well, wish me luck! See you soon!


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